Passport is required for identificationThe following are typical requirements however lenders can vary.  If you are unable to provide what is required advise your broker ASAP as there may be acceptable alternatives or we may have to use a different lender.

  • Identification – we will require a copy of your passport duly certified by an Australian consular official.
  • Income – three most recent consecutive  payslips  showing employer, employee and year to date income. Failing this:
    • a letter from your employer stating position, term and salary ( usually only acceptable for government or multi-national company, and
    • bank statements showing regular and consistent income deposits,
    • if you own existing property we need rental statements,
    • if you receive a bonus this will only be included if evidenced for two years
  • Savings / Equity – 6 months bank statements showing funds for deposit, or
    • if you have existing Australian property a recent council rates notice, and
    • 6 months mortgage bank statements showing timely regular repayments
  • Other Liabilities – 6 months statements for any credit commitments includes credit cards
  • Contract of Sale – if you have a property in mind or have made an offer provide the main page/s showing details of the property ie: lot number etc and the purchase price – please DO NOT send the full contract until instructed.

Depending on your circumstances there may be other documents required.  Please ensure that you scan or photograph all documents in colour using jpg format at 300 dpi anything higher will result in massive files that can be rejected by ISPs such as Telstra.

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